A white cloud’s birth.

A new journey begins, the old body dies and a new ‘hero of animation film’ is born. It is called hero because only it knows its presence in film as animated object, all else take themselves as really real!

The hero is able to see another face hidden in a picture by trick of gestalt. Those who know or understand or wish to become like it, can only be able to see the animated object and the hidden infinite in it like a white cloud has both, the cloud and a glimpse of infinite blue sky behind and through it.

Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’, in Hindi, meaning ‘someting to learn from given two line poem’.

Kabir’s ‘Saakhi’, in Hindi, meaning ‘someting to learn from given two line poem’ like four line Haiku of Japan.

These lines have a hidden mesaage to help a person in his spiritual journey. Through these one who got little success in inner journey gets a hint about what to expect next and how to remain cautious from distractions.

For the one who has reached a certain deeper depths of inner core, what should be his role for people etc etc.

In short these below lines says that you need not have to go through ‘Four principle Veda’s and its essence is made available by Kabir in these ‘Saakhi’.

बलिहारी वा दूध की, जा में निकसे घी ।

घी साखी कबीर की, चार वेद को पी ।।